RBBR  TechnologyCarriercarrier_biomassa

The treatment system patented by Clewer Oy is an innovative method of biological processing where the water is returned to the environment purified, while the organic and inorganic residues are removed and processed separately under the form of muds.Reattore

The biological treatment RBBR (Rotating Bed Biofilm Reactor) is based on the principle of adhesive biomass, where the growth of bacteria happens within the internal chambers of a protected support system called carrier.

Carriers are continuously rotating inside a cylindrical bioreactor thanks to blown air that gives the rotatory motion to the water as well as providing the necessary oxygen sufficient to promote the aerobic biological reactions.

The bacterial colonies (biofilm) feed themselves and process the organic and inorganic components of the wastewater while growing undisturbed within the carriers. The exhausted bacteria (in the form of mud) are continuously removed from the bioreactor through an hydraulic overflow process.

The layout of the RBBR process allows to obtain maximum performance for the biological purification obtaining extremely high returns and maximum breakdown of Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus based pollutants.

The benefits compared to traditional biological wastewater treatment technologies available on the market are:

  • Reduced dimensions given the higher bacteria/pollutants exposure ratio
  • Pre-assembled systems in transportable containers or skid structures.grafico barre
  • Maximum ease of installation < Plug&Play formula >
  • Reduced construction interventions necessary to install
  • Extremely low energy consumption (0,3 Kwh*Kg COD)
  • Compatible with photovoltaic energy solutions
  • Absence of regular maintenance and low operating costs
  • Total absence of system failure for causes related to bacterial population depletion
  • Elevated purification performance Elevata (purified water in tab 4 Dgl 152/2006)
  • Potential to expand the system in size at a low cost and in short time (modular solutions)
  • Volume reduction up to 40% of mud waste produced for disposal
  • Guaranteed treatment of the 3 biological phases (DeNitro-Ox Org-Nitro)
  • High stability of the biological process in case of hydraulic surges and organic variables
  • Prolonged stops without the need to restore or feed bacteria on reboot.
  • Complete process automation
  • Remote monitoring and system alarming via SMS, Internet or GPRS