Sludge Dewatering Press Series MDS BENENV

Sludge Dewatering Process

Classical sludge tank treatment process:

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Treatment Scheme from Direct Dewatering from Oxidation Ditch

In the past times, sludge was commonly thickened before dewatering, but when MDS Dewatering Press was introduced to the world, it’s a cutting-edge technology, MDS is consisted of a filtering drum with both thickening and dewatering zone, changed this notion.
Due to the unique structure, MDS Dewatering Press can handle low concentrated sludge at 0.2% directly without any pre-thickening stage and is used in a great number of small-scale sewage treatment plants in China for dewatering sludge directly
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  • Reduction of investment costs for thickening and storage equipment
  • Reduction of running cost
  • Removing odor by dewatering fresh aerobic sludge
  • Reduction of the load of Phosphorus in the wastewater treatment