Dry-Toilet Kazuba Series

Fortuny Agua Italia srl also holds the license for the innovative dry-toilet Kazuba for the italian market in the Golf sector and Sport Complexes. The Kazuba products are eco-compatible, maintenance free, and do not need access to water and sewage grid. The simple but efficient principle on which the Kazuba patent is based on enables the system to provide a toilet that is constantly clean and free from foul odors.

Operation principle:

At the heart of our product is the “Système de Toilettes Kazuba”, the STK.

The STK is an autonomous, sealed, public toilet solution. A simple and robust design, manufactured in medium density polyethylene, it contains no internal moving parts. Using the sun’s energy to heat the system and the wind to turn an extractor, the STK creates a near constant flow of air inside the unit. The air flow reduces the water content of the waste through evaporation and dehydration, (up to 90% of faecal matter is water), thus significantly lowering the volume along with the burden of servicing.

The STK is used like an ordinary toilet – there is no straw or sawdust to add – except there is no ‘flush’. The flow of air generated by the system ensures odour free operation.