RBBR Compact Series

Fortuny Agua Italia developed a series of preassembled systems designed for the civil and industrial sectors, with a specific focus on the wine processing sector.

Two are the proposed versions:

  • SQbox           preassembled on a steel skid (painted or galvanized)
  • RBBR ISO      preassembled in a container ISO 20 e/o 40 feet high cube

They are manufactured with the intent of simplifying the installation times and the setup and startup at the client’s site.

They are ready to be placed on a concrete base and connected to the electrical and water grid as “Plug & Play”.

The systems  SQbox and RBBR ISO are removable structures and are, therefore, comparable to instrumental goods subject to civil depreciation.

Some examples:


SQbox 6000



SQbox 10500


SQbox 20000

RBBR ISO 2 x 20’ – 750 eq. inhabitants

RBBR ISO 40’ – 1000 eq. inhabitants

RBBR ISO 2 x 40’ – 2000 eq. inhabitants