About Us

Fortuny Agua Italia srl is born in 2009 as a partner company for the Italian territory of Clewer Oy www.clewer.com  holder of the International Patent  N° 17746PCTS  e International Application N° PCT-FI2006-050587 with regards to the system of biological treatment called RBBR (Rotating Bed Biofilm Reactor) for civil and industrial wastewater.

Throughout the years, we have developed extensive knowledge and know-how in the waste treatment sector with a special focus on researching and developing innovative solutions already adopted internationally in order to offer top notch technologies to our most demanding clients.

Today, Fortuny Agua Italia is an established entrepreneurial reality which continues to evolve with products and solutions for the Italian market as well as international partnerships.

Where we operate

We operate in the Italian market since 2008 offering solutions for the biological treatment of civil and industrial wastewater, claiming already numerous installations in the following sectors:

  • Civil-Domestic with solutions 5 to 200 eq. inhabitants
  • Civil-Municipal with treatment systems from 250 to 3.000 eq. inhabitants
  • Mobile wastewater treatment systems pre-assembled in containers or on skid for construction sites, emergencies, temporary locations or long-term locations.
  • Industrial systems for treating wine processing wastewater
  • Carwash wastewater treatment systems
  • Natural Parks and Golf Courses

What we offer

Fortuny Agua Italia srl is capable of providing complete solutions with regards to:

  • Compact civil and industrial wastewater treatment systems pre-assembled in containers or on skid with RBBR technology


  • Dewatering and caking machines for biological sludge MDS Multi-Disk Screw PressBenenv
  • Toilettes for critical environmental situations without sewage access, water, and electricity with Dry Toiletteskazuba_logo
  • Pre-treatment solutions for industrial waste with high biological content with the innovative ROAP system based on AOP (Advanced Oxidation Processes) technologyRoap

¹ Trademark and Patent pending